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Custom AI solutions that mean business

We turn AI into your competitive advantage. Bridging cutting-edge research with relevant business problems, we make AI accessible, fostering innovation and growth.

Our Mission

Empower scaleups and corporates with a rigorous and effective method to adopt AI.

We do

  • - Predictive Models (demand, credit risk, etc.)
  • - Generative AI (text q&a, generation, etc.)

We do not do

  • - Dashboards on Qlik, Power BI, etc.
  • - Image processing

= Our favourite technologies =

PythonPytorchGoogle Cloud

Why us?

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AI is not easy, incompetence is expensive. We value quality at every step, from literature review to production deployment.
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AI is… science and engineering. Blind experiments do not provide insight and business value. Following a rigorous method does.
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Ai is evolving fast. We review scientific literature before any project, and work with universities to connect research and application.

Data science

Our Method

This picture is just a model. Wrong, yet useful.
A synthesis between our experience, CRISP-DM and Microsoft TDSP.
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Business Understanding
Formally state the problem, choosing suitable evaluation metrics. Review literature for state of the art solutions.
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Let's work together



  • - are expert in your business domain
  • - set goals and constraints
  • - provide constant feedback
  • - are an active member of the team
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  • - are experts in AI
  • - propose a way to reach the goals
  • - periodically share with you insights, results, issues
  • - help you interpret the findings of our analysis and get value from the results of our models
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Different approaches for different needs

Service Oriented

  • Prerequisites: a problem to solve with data.
  • Sometimes final goal and required data are not known in advance. We can help you with that.
  • We will plan together iterations, each having an agreed scope and duration. At the end of an iteration we decide together whether the final goal is reached and whether it is worth continuing or not.

Product Oriented

  • Prerequisites: clear scope, goal, and data.
  • After a preliminary study, scope of work, economic budget, and plan are agreed.
  • Still, we will work side by side with you throughout the whole project.
  • What if new requirements emerge? If budget and plan do not change, they are accepted in the scope. Otherwise, new budget and plan are discussed.

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