Manifesto first background

01. Manifesto

We believe quality matters

"Quality is not an act, it is a habit", said the Greeks. Proper software engineering and data science are not easy, and incompetence wastes both time and money.
We value quality in every step of the process, whether it is a matter of scalability, mainteinability, performances or user experience.
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Agile background
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02. Manifesto

We are agile by nature

"Embrace change", urged the Agile Manifesto.
We apply agile methodologies to every aspect of our work, including our very own organization.
We design experiments, perform trials, collect feedbacks and analyze results to take well-informed decisions.
Manifesto people background

03. Manifesto

We value people

Company culture is not (just) having a foosball table or free snacks in the office.
It is actually the environment we create for employees and how we allow them to achieve their personal visions and ambitions.
We devote time to listening and talking to each other about ideas, preferences and aspirations. We even have a psychologist who helps us doing so.

Our pillars

every xtreamer is like a shareholder: each quarter we gather and discuss the status of the company, from recruiting to accounting, learning from failures and celebrating successes
every xtreamer has dedicated moments to share feedback and ideas, which are collected and made actionable. Moreover, a personal 200€/y budget to improve the workplace is provided no questions asked
every xtreamer has the right to gain awareness about their strengths and weaknesses. Honest praise and criticism are never witheld, and complete transparency is encouraged
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04. Manifesto

We keep learning and improving

We are on a mission to become a brand of quality software and data science. The key is complementing our passion with methodical learning and continous professional updating.
We invest time and money to study the latest tools and practices and we organize monthly knowledge share meeting. We also love attending tech events all around Europe.